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What We Treat at Family Chiropractic Center for Wellness

Welcome to Family Chiropractic Center for Wellness, where our chiropractor offers holistic wellness care. If you are a new patient of ours you may be wondering what conditions we treat and how we can help you achieve optimal wellness. Please learn more about common health conditions that we treat at our chiropractic clinic in Spring Hill and Hudson. 

Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief in Spring Hill and Hudson

We treat the follow health conditions in our chiropractic clinic: 

  • Auto injuries - After an auto accident, your body is stiff and sore. You may have whiplash, neck strain, back pain, or another injury. We can reduce your pain and inflammation naturally during the healing phase, while also strengthening and stretching affected muscles to rehabilitate you.  
  • Prenatal care - For many women, pregnancy causes back pain. Let us perform gentle adjustments to relieve pressure on your back without harming your child. We can also make adjustments that position the pelvis for a healthy and safe delivery. 
  • Sciatica - Sciatica occurs when your sciatic nerve becomes compressed. By promoting proper alignment of your spine, chiropractic treatment reduces pressure on the sciatic nerve. As a result, you will feel less pain and pressure and sciatica symptoms will reduce. 
  • Joint pain - When your joints move properly, then your muscles and limbs can move freely along their proper paths. When joints problems arise, your whole body can become affected. We can reduce joint inflammation and correct dysfunction to heal joint problems and soothe pain naturally. 
  • Shoulder pain - Shoulder pain resulting from sports injuries, ergonomic injuries, overuse or accidents can be successfully treated through chiropractic adjustments. Allow us to diagnose the specific cause of your shoulder pain, perform pain management, and increase mobility. 
  • Headaches - Tension headaches are caused by tightness of the neck muscles. We can reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches through manual adjustments to your head and neck. 
  • Neck and back pain - Our chiropractor performs manual adjustments of the cervical spine and musculoskeletal system to realign your spine and promote mental and physical wellbeing. Let us reduce neck and back pain naturally through spinal realignment. Every adjustment reduces pain and inflammation, brings the body back into alignment, and promotes healing. 
  • Carpal tunnel - We can treat carpal tunnel without the use of medication by soothing nerve impingement as it occurs along the elbow, wrist, neck, or shoulder. 

Contact Our Spring Hill and Hudson Chiropractor Today! 

If you do not see your health condition listed here, we may be able to help you anyway. The best thing to do is make your free consultation and come in to meet with our Spring Hill and Hudson chiropractor. 
If you suffer from any of these health conditions, then we urge you to call today and schedule your first appointment with our chiropractor. For a limited time only, new patients can receive a free consultation and hydro massage for coming to see us. Call (352) 340- 5936 to make an appointment in Spring Hill or call (727) 862-8571 to make an appointment in Hudson.