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Meet the Staff


My name is Donna. I am originally from Chicago.  I am the Billing Specialist and a  Chiropractic Assistant who has worked for Family Chiropractic for 13 years. I started out as a Chiropractic patient after a car accident and suffering from Back Pain. I told the doctor this is Americas best kept secret. I am very passionate and loyal when it comes to chiropractic and our patients. . 


Office Manager/MCCPA

My name is Brandy. I have been with Family Chiropractic since 2012 . I am one of the Office Managers and  a Certified Chiropractic Physician Assistant since 2012 . I also graduated from Sherman College for the Master's program in 2017.  I am a PROUD mom of 2 handsome  boys named Shane and Christian.  Both of my boys played football in school  they  get adjusted on a regular basis to keep their spine healthy.

I previously worked as a Surgical Veterinarian Technician at an Emergency Animal Hospital in Spring Hill. That is where I met Dr. Brian Dahmer.  I then decided that I wanted to pursue a different career in my life so I decided to return back to school.

 I am a true believer and very passionate  about chiropractic. I was in gymnastics and a competitive  dancer for most of my youth who suffered with neck pain and headaches. With Chiropractic care I no longer have pain


My Name is Kerry and I am currently a Chiropractic Assistant at Family Chiropractic. I was born in Natick, Massachusetts and moved to Florida shortly after the age of 4. I graduated from Rasmussen College with my Practical Nursing Diploma in 2013.

I absolutely love sports and fishing. I am a true believer in Chiropractic care as I was a patient of Dr Dahmer's prior to joining the team. I suffered from migraines and low back pain and have never felt better since getting adjusted. I am very excited to further my education in Chiropractic care and I look forward to helping you and others one spine at time. 


My name is Joanne, and I am Certified  Chiropractic Physician Assistant. I started as a patient here three years ago and joined the team one year later. I am very passionate and love what we do. Chiropractic adjustments have made my whole family's life better. 


My name is Laura I am  a License Massage Therapist . 

I graduated from Keiser College University in 2006 with a massage therapy certification and my Associates in Science. I feel that massage therapy works hand in hand with chiropractic treatments and can also be very beneficial for your overall well-being.

 I am one of eight children and have grown up as a chiropractic patient. Due to regular adjustments my immune system stays strong all year round.  As a runner, I feel Chiropractic Wellness visits have helped me stay active and healthy.


Mikayla is a Chiropractic Assistant and office manager for our Brooksville location. A Florida native, she was born in Palm Beach and moved to Pasco County when she was only 6, residing there since. In 2017, Mikayla graduated from Pasco Hernando State College with a Bachelor's in Health Care Management. She received her first adjustment in January of 2015. After seeing the positive effects it had on her own life, she joined our team in September of that year. 

If asked, Mikayla would tell you that she loves the opportunity to assist in giving individuals their life back through safe and gentle techniques of chiropractic care. Known for her bright smile, Mikayla is seen by her peers as friendly, task oriented, and motivated individual who loves to learn. In her spare time, she can be found having fun in the sun.


Laura is the Director of Public Relations for Family Chiropractic. She is a Licensed Radiologic Technologist and Chiropractic Physician's Assistant. Her chiropractic journey began in 2010 when she saw the many success stories unfold and even her own life was changed through chiropractic care. Witnessing symptoms such as headaches and sciatica removed allowed individuals the opportunity to live a life free of pain and return to those activities that they loved once more. In 2013, Laura joined our team at FCCW, specializing in community outreach. She has accomplished this through successfully executing events and with word of mouth, referral based marketing. She is also a 2x Ascentive graduate of the Ignite Your Business program.

If you ask about Laura, what you will hear is that she has a giving spirit, a cheery disposition, and always looks to help others to succeed. Laura loves engaging businesses and the community through offering presentations, sharing health benefits, and speaking on personal and business development. 
Laura believes in doing what you love and loving what you do!