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Recovering from Pain With Cold Laser Therapy

Serving Spring Hill, Hudson, Brooksville and Homosassa

Treating pain or discomfort requires the right plan of action. When you talk to a chiropractor about your situation, you can find an appropriate solution that helps with your pain. Cold laser therapy is a type of treatment that a chiropractor offers in the Spring Hill, Hudson, Brooksville and Homosassa areas to help with your situation.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

The therapy treatment refers to a type of low level laser therapy that specifically addresses certain types of pains or aches. According to the American Chiropractic Association, a low level laser therapy, which is also called a cold laser treatment, uses a type of red or infrared light to help improve the body's natural healing processes. Essentially, the low levels of light encourage circulation and healthy cellular development so that the body heals after an injury.

Injuries or discomforts that the laser treatment helps heal include:

  • Joint pain

  • Torn or injured ligaments

  • Stiff and sore muscles

  • Injured rotator cups

  • Any injuries related to the muscles or joints

Although the lasers do not treat every form of pain, it can help with most situations. Furthermore, it prevents certain types of surgery used to help treat muscles or discomfort caused by an injury. By using low level infrared or red lasers, the body naturally heals over time.

Advantages of the Laser Treatment

Using a low level laser treatment program, an individual heals without facing the discomfort associated with harsher laser treatments. Since the laser does not cause uncomfortable levels of heat to stimulate circulation, it does not cause any injuries to the skin or body. Furthermore, it encourages circulation and cellular health so that the body heals after an injury.

Benefits associated with cold laser therapy include:

  • Better blood circulation

  • Greater healing over time

  • Fewer aches or pains

  • Better healing after an injury

  • Improved joint health

  • Lower rates of inflammation in the body

Inflammation stems from the body's natural healing processes. It helps encourage healing and prevents infections after an injury, but it also causes pain and discomfort when the body creates too much inflammation or does not stop after healing. Low level lasers help reduce inflammation, which helps reduce pain in a specific area. Furthermore, the laser encourages healthy blood circulation, which in turn helps improve the way that the body delivers nutrients and oxygen to different areas of the body.

Laser treatments do not necessarily cause discomfort or pain. The low level lasers used in cold laser treatments use infrared and red lights that do not heat up to a high intensity heat. As a result, it helps your body recover and heal without painful or uncomfortable side effects.

At the Family Chiropractic Center for Wellness, we offer cold laser treatments to help with healing and recovery after an injury. We also use the lasers to treat stiffness and chronic pain. For more information about the way the lasers work or to set up an appointment, contact us today!