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Non-surgical Back Pain Management

Serving Spring Hill, Hudson, Brooksville and Homosassa

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Acute or chronic back pain is more than just an annoyance; for many individuals, it is an agonizing obstacle that prevents them from doing their work, performing everyday tasks and enjoying any real quality of life. But if you face the prospect of undergoing major spinal surgery and/or seeing the world through a medicated haze, you may think the cures are worse than the disease. But Hudson, Spring Hill, Brooksville and Homosassa Florida back pain sufferers have another option -- drug-free, non-surgical back pain management from Family Chiropractic Center.

The Many Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by so many different circumstances that diagnosing an underlying cause calls for skilled professional evaluation. Some of the more common reasons for this vexing problem include:

  • Acute injuries - Auto accidents, workplace injuries and sports injuries often create acute back pain. A sharp jolt to the body can do several kinds of harm to your back. Muscles and connective tissues may become strained or sprained. The vertebrae can get knocked out of place, or their discs can bulge or herniate outward onto major nerves and nerve roots, causing pain.
  • Degenerative disorders - Your spine can flex because the vertebrae are connected by articulated joints called facet joints. If these joints become strained or arthritic, pain results. Discs that flatten out due to age and dehydration may strain the facet joints while impinging nearby nerve roots. Stenosis is another painful degenerative condition in which the "canal" enveloping the spinal cord becomes narrow enough to pinch the nerve tissue.
  • Spinal misalignment - A longstanding spinal misalignment (subluxation) can gradually put increasing stress on the vertebrae, discs and supporting musculature. Some people may also suffer nerve pain from a progressive vertebral dislocation called spondylolisthesis.

Pain Management Techniques

Florida chiropractors at Family Chiropractic Center, Dr. Brian, Dr. Anish, Dr. Zack and Dr. William urge back pain sufferers to pursue natural, conservative treatments before turning to surgical intervention. Our clinic utilizes a variety of pain management techniques such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustment - By correcting the spine's alignment, we can often take painful stress off of muscles, joints and nerves.
  • Massage therapy - Massage therapy can release painful muscle knots and help injured back muscles heal more quickly.
  • Hydro massage - This technique soothes aching back muscles. It uses pleasantly warm (but contained) water to achieve its effects while keeping you nice and dry.
  • Laser therapy - A low-level or "cold" laser can improve blood flow and speed cellular repair in your back's damaged nerves or muscles.
  • Spinal decompression - Gentle, precisely-controlled distraction force on the body creates vacuum pressure between the vertebrae, pulling herniated, flattened discs back into place while infusing them with nutrients. This technique can also treat spondylolisthesis.

Don't let your life be limited by back pain. Contact Family Chiropractic Center for an initial consultation with our chiropractor. We want to give you a healthier, pain-free back!