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Decompression Therapy at Family Chiropractic Center for Wellness

Serving Spring Hill, Hudson, Brooksville and Homosassa

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Decompression therapy at Family Chiropractic Center is designed to reduce back pain without the need for surgery, recovery time or powerful anti-inflammatories and pain numbing medications. You may be a good candidate for the treatment if you have neck or back pain that is caused by one or more herniated discs or if you have posterior facet syndrome.

Benefits of Spinal Decompression with our Chiropractor

Spinal decompression with our chiropractor is a non-surgical way to increase the spaces between the vertebrae in order to reduce pain and aid in the healing of certain injuries and conditions that affect the back. It does not require any preparation or recovery time.

Injuries Treated With Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression can help with the healing of herniated discs, which can cause neck and back pain, depending on where the disc herniations are located. When the herniated disc puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, it can cause what is known as sciatica, which is pain that starts in the lower back and radiates down into the legs. It can cause mobility issues if left untreated. Spinal decompression has also been known to help reduce the symptoms of posterior facet syndrome.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression with our chiropractors, serving spring hill and Hudson, is a painless procedure that involves laying on a spinal decompression table. You will be asked to lay on your back. A belt that is attached to a pulley system will be fastened around your waist.

Our chiropractor will then input your treatment parameters into the computer system and start your treatment. You may feel a gentle stretching during the procedure, but it should not be uncomfortable or painful. The gentle pull is designed to create a negative pressure inside your spine so that your vertebrae are gently stretched. The stretching will help take the pressure off your discs and nerve roots.

While some people feel better after the first session, it usually takes several sessions over the course of a few weeks before the benefits are fully realized. After the session, you can continue your day as normal.

To schedule an appointment to see if decompression therapy would help your back pain, call us today. Spring Hill location: (352) 340-5936, Hudson location: (727) 862-8571, Brooksville location: (352) 283-8388, Homosassa location: (352) 587-4155