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Pregnancy Chiropractic / Webster Technique

Serving Spring Hill, Hudson, Brooksville and Homosassa

At Family Chiropractic Center for Wellness, we offer several pain relief techniques to keep you feeling well throughout your life. One of these, the Webster Technique, is designed to help women who are pregnant relieve the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

What are the Benefits of Pregnancy Chiropractic?

The female body undergoes several changes during pregnancy. Pelvic shifts, postural adjustments, and a growing belly all place pressure on your spine and joints. Through gentle spinal adjustments, our Spring Hill, Hudson, Brooksville or Homosassa chiropractor can relieve pain and pressure.

Chiropractic is a safe way to maintain the health of your spine, pelvis, joints, and muscles while you are carrying a child. Chiropractic has no contraindications for pregnancy, which means that pregnant women can safely enjoy this form of care. This is also a drug free type of care.

Many chiropractors who see pregnant women have special tables that accommodate pregnant bodies. We have one such table at Family Chiropractic Center for Wellness. Additionally, the techniques we use do not put pressure on the abdomen.

While any chiropractor can assist with pregnancy-related aches and pains, those who are certified in the Webster Technique can do more to ease the pains associated with pregnancy.

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique focuses on pelvic health during the pregnancy, in a more specific manner than general chiropractic care.

If your pelvis becomes misaligned, it can reduce the amount of room for the growing baby. You can experience intrauterine constraint as a result. This condition can prohibit the child from getting into the proper placement for natural delivery. The baby may become stuck in a posterior position, or breech, where the baby's head faces away from the birth canal.

If the child does not naturally turn from a breech position into a vertex position, where the head is toward the birth canal, doctors may need to perform a C-section.

If you wish to deliver your child the natural way, and avoid a C-section, the Webster Technique can help by targeted, gentle adjustments to realign your pelvis and avoid intrauterine constraint.

Science has shown that the balanced position of the pelvis, which the Webster Technique can help create, places the pelvis in the optimal position for delivery. If your child is stuck in a posterior presentation as you enter the eight month of pregnancy, our chiropractor can help. Our adjustments will ease your pregnancy-related aches, open up your pelvis, and encourage the baby to shift to a vertex position.

Of course, many women experience an uncomfortable pregnancy prior to the eighth month. We are here not only to prevent breech, and help you avoid a C-section, but to reduce all aches and pains related with pregnancy.

Are you expecting a child and interested in experiencing the Webster Technique? If so, why not call or reserve your appointment online today for a free consultation and hydro massage. Please call your nearest location: Spring Hill location: (352) 340-5936, Hudson location: (727) 862-8571, Brooksville location: (352) 283-8388, Homosassa location: (352) 587-4155